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Details Of Trump’s Infrastructure Bill Still Unclear, But President Reiterating Commitment To Issue. (04/18/2017)

The AP (4/13) reported President Trump “says that last month’s bridge collapse near downtown Atlanta is a ‘painful reminder’ of the importance of strong infrastructure.” According to the AP, Trump “reiterated his commitment to enacting a major federal infrastructure spending program.”

In continuing coverage of the Trump Administration’s infrastructure plan, The Hill (4/12, Zanona) reported DJ Gribbin, special assistant to the president for infrastructure policy, said that the timeline for the package is still “up in the air.” According to Gribbin, the release depends on whether the plan moves forward as a standalone or is attached to another piece of legislation. “While Gribbin emphasized that they are still crafting the infrastructure measure,” the Hill added, “Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said the package could be unveiled as soon as next month – a major shift from the administration’s initial goal” of a fall release.

Business Climate

Trump Confirms He Will Pursue Revival Of Ex-Im Bank. (04/18/2017)

Reuters (4/12, Gibson) reported that President Donald Trump said that he plans to fill two vacancies on the board of the Export-Import Bank. Trump revealed his intention in an interview (4/12) Wednesday with the Wall Street Journal following a meeting Tuesday with former Boeing CEO Jim McNerney. If the appointments overcome opposition from some Republicans and are confirmed by the Senate, they would return the five-member board to a quorum, enabling it to once again make loans of more than $10 million.

Small Business Marketing

IBM Finds Brand Execs, Consumers Don’t See Eye To Eye On Digital Experiences. (04/18/2017)

Campaign US (4/11, Liffreing) reported that the IBM Institute for Business Value found a mismatch between brand executives and consumers about what makes a “digital experience” valuable to consumers. The institute surveyed some 600 executives and about 6,000 consumers and found that “70 percent of consumers said their branded digital interactions were disappointing,” while “the majority of participants said they weren’t impressed with virtual reality experiences used to discover products, digital displays in retail environments or voice command for customer service.” The survey also found that age is a big deal, with Millennials most excited about digital technologies (at 63 percent), while Gen Xers were less excited (at 48 percent), and Baby Boomers were the least excited (at 39 percent).

Wages and Benefits

Cities Push To Bar Employers From Using Wage History In Salary Negotiations. (04/18/2017)

The Wall Street Journal (4/15, Gee, Subscription Publication) reported that a bill awaiting New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s signature would prevent not only public-sector agencies but also private-sector companies from using an applicant’s wage history in salary negotiations. The Journal said the measure is putting pressure on companies to correct discrepancies in pay for women and minorities and follows similar efforts in Massachusetts and Philadelphia.

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