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Archive of Business Articles – Chris Crum

Archive of Business Articles – Chris Crum
  • Paychex Survey Shows How Government Shutdown Impacted Some Businesses
    A reduction in federal customers and a delay in payments were the biggest issues faced by some small businesses that were impacted by the federal government shutdown.... more
  • SBA Has a New Leader of Financial Program Operations
    Jihoon Kim is promoted to Director of the SBA’s Office of Financial Program Operations, overseeing the agency’s lending operations and managing its loan portfolio.... more
  • Survey: Teens Want to Start Businesses
    Recent surveys find that forty-one percent of teenagers want to start a business, despite the “fear of failure,” a concern also shared with adult entrepreneurs.... more
  • Survey: Employees Happier Working at Small Businesses
    Less stress, more fun, increased workplace flexibility, and a greater sense of appreciation explain employees’ happiness at small businesses, according to Aflac’s recent survey.... more
  • Small Business Saturday 2018 Hits a $17.8 Billion Record
    Holiday shopping to support brick and mortar and online small and independently owned businesses continues to increase in the ninth year of this annual tradition.... more
  • SBA Touts its Lending Momentum
    SBA's 7(a) and 504 small business loan programs showed strong performances in FY18, helped by the new 25-year Debenture and Lender Match platform.... more
  • Survey: 25% of Americans Own a Side Business
    A recent survey found that most who entered into a side business did so for financial gain, did not expect it to become full-time, and had no insurance on the side business.... more
  • Making Your Facebook Business Account More Secure
    Facebook advises business owners to check their account settings in view of a recent security breach affecting personal accounts, but no password change is recommended.... more
  • Survey Finds 30 Percent of Small Businesses Think They’re Overpaying Taxes
    The majority of small business owners think they are capable of handling company finances without outside expert assistance, nearly one third feel they are overpaying their taxes.... more
  • Facebook Gives Businesses New Video Creation Tools
    Facebook announces new tools to help businesses adopt a mobile-first strategy in creating video ads, including a video creation kit, cropping tool, and templates.... more
  • Survey: Number of Small Business Owners Pleased with Overall Business Conditions Continues to Increase
    A recent CNBC/SurveyMonkey survey shows disagreement among small business owners on trade and tariffs, but continued satisfaction with overall business conditions.... more
  • Paychex's Business Sentiment Report Finds Businesses Optimistic
    Paychex releases data from its first Business Sentiment Report, which finds businesses generally optimistic despite a tight labor market and increased state regulation.... more
  • Facebook Gives Businesses New Mobile Ad Tools (And More)
    Facebook creates new tools for its Ads Manager app for mobile devices, updates video ad metrics, and introduces WhatsApp Business to connect with existing and potential customers.... more
  • New Labor Rule Impact on Small Business
    A new DOL rule has expanded access to Association Health Plans to the self-employed and their families, providing more affordable health insurance options.... more
  • Survey Finds Small Business Perks More Attractive Than Pay Raise to Employees
    Small business employees are more interested in benefits, such as flexible work hours and increased vacation time, than in pay raises according to recent surveys.... more
  • Google Takes Measures to Help Protect Small Businesses from Scammers
    In addition to new educational resources, better reporting tools and policies, and legal action, Google is finding new ways to help small businesses avoid scammers.... more
  • Survey Finds Millennials More Likely to Crowdfund Small Businesses
    Despite the uncertainty of success, millennials are more likely to use crowdfunding to start a new small business than adults over age 35, who prefer traditional business loans.... more
  • Small Business Owners Find Present to Be Good Time for Growth, Survey Says
    In addition to findings on growth, a recent survey from WalletHub also includes statistics on factors for small business success, business credit card usage and rewards, and the best cities in the US in which to start a small business.... more
  • Pinterest Launches New Business Profiles
    Pinterest recently announced the launch of new profiles for businesses along with new insights and a way to be discovered.... more
  • Survey Finds Over Half of Small Businesses Post on Social Media Daily
    According to recent data, the majority of small businesses post, share, and use images on social media daily, with women and millennial owners leading the trend.... more
  • NFIB Survey: Optimism, Compensation, and Job Creation All Up
    With small business owners no longer worried about taxes, optimism continues its 16-month run, according to the NFIB's most recent index report.... more
  • Facebook Announces New Plans for Helping Small Businesses Hire
    Facebook is now offering a new tool significant to small business owners. IT allows you to use the platform to attract and hire new employees.... more
  • SBA Training Event Series Targets Small Businesses with High-Growth Potential
    SBA gives a boost to 'the little guys'. Their new initiative is aimed at executives of small business' with high growth and potential.... more
  • Small Businesses Gaining Interest in Loans, Pepperdine Survey Finds
    Pepperdine survey finds that small businesses are gaining interest in loans. This report was done with businesses with revenue up to $100 million.... more
  • Small Business Optimism High Going Into 2018
    Small business optimism is gaining speed going into 2018. Will the trend continue as the year progresses?... more
  • NFIB Survey: Small Businesses Believe It's a Good Time For Expansion
    Many small businesses believe it's a good time to expand.... more
  • SCORE Report Finds Small Businesses Facing Personnel Challenges
    Reports were done based on data polled via online surveys for small businesses. The reports showed mainly positive feedback but did expose some common problems for small business owners.... more
  • Late Payments a Growing Problem for Small Businesses, Survey Finds
    The more you can do to avoid late payments, the better. Get your invoice out quickly and follow-up often. Reducing late payments will put your business in better health.... more
  • Report: Small Business Wages on The Rise
    Small business wages are on the rise.... more
  • Report Looks at State of SMB Cybersecurity
    Cyber threats are becoming more frequent and increasingly sophisticated. The US SBA has launched training courses to help combat it.... more
  • Small Business and Trump Administration Tax Proposal
    A new tax reform has been developed through the Trump Administration and the House of Committee.... more
  • SBA Names New Deputy Administrator
    The United States Small Business Administration has recently appointed a new deputy administrator. Coetzee Leslie has impressive management experience that the SBA will benefit from.... more
  • SBA Takes First Step in Modernization of Federal Contracting Programs
    The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) has just announced its first step in the modernization. An online tool has launched, that is a map for Historically Underutilized Business Zones.... more
  • U.S. Small Business Borrowing Reaches 2-Year High
    Small business borrowing reaches a 2 year high as businesses invest more to meet customer satisfaction.... more
  • Harvey's Impact on Small Businesses
    Hurricane Harvey brought great amounts of damage to many small Texas businesses. Many of which will never reopen their doors.... more
  • Facebook Gives Businesses More Control Over How Their Ads Appear
    Putting your Ads on social media is an amazing marketing decision. Now with Facebook's new 'Audience Network' you have control over how and where your ads appear.... more
  • SBA Launches Cybersecurity Online Training Initiative
    The Cybersecurity Online Training Initiative features online courses at the beginner and intermediate levels. Learn how to take extra steps to protect your small business.... more
  • Small Business Owners Worry About Health Care Bill
    The repeal or replacement of certain proposals of the current Affordable Care Act has many small business owners concerned.... more
  • Survey: 90% of Small Business Owners Work from Home to Maintain Work-Life Balance
    A survey was conducted and found out that 90% of small business owners work from home. Most would agree they get just as much work done, if not more and are able to be more productive with their life in general.... more
  • Instagram Encourages Businesses to Get Ready for Summer
    Businesses should jump on the summer bandwagon. They should utilize the dominant summertime hashtags to get in front of the most viewers.... more
  • SBA Funds Organizations Offering Entrepreneurship Training to Women Veterans and Military Spouses
    The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is awarding as much as $300,000 in Women Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program grants.... more
  • Study Finds Most Small Businesses Not Prepared for Data Loss
    It is extremely smart to have a system in place for backing up your data.... more
  • Facebook Gives Businesses Some Hiring Help
    Facebook has always been a useful tool when it comes to the hiring process. A new feature coming to Facebook will allow businesses to post jobs and candidates to apply straight from Facebook.... more
  • Is Your Small Business Taking Advantage of Webinars?
    By hosting a webinar you can reach many people from different locations. Utilize digital video and engage your audience in improving your business or brand.... more
  • Brands Most (And Least) Trusted By Small Business Owners
    Worthiest brands like Amazon, Google received the highest ratings for trusted brands, whereas brands like Yelp, Comcast were considered the least trusted brands.... more
  • National Small Business Association Surveys Businesses About Regulations
    Small businesses are hoping for a bit of a reprieve with the new administration in the White House.... more
  • Small Businesses Worry About Cyberattacks
    Cyberattacks are becoming more and more popular over the last couple of years.... more
  • Instagram Adds Live Video to Stories Feature to Help Businesses Connect with their Community
    Live video gives you a chance to inject some personality into your business. It helps your business connect with your community right now.... more
  • Small Businesses Ended Year with Improved Sales, Profitability
    With every year comes greater sales and profitability within small businesses. The annual revenues have increased, along with easier access to obtain credit which can only mean good things are in store for the U.S. economy.... more
  • What Small Businesses Expect from President Trump
    At this time, the country at large is still waiting to see what changes Small Business's can expect under the new Trump administration. There are currently mixed reviews. Only time will tell.... more
  • Study Finds Lack of Support for Women Small Business Owners from Government Contracts
    Women-owned businesses employ eight million American workers, but a recent study shows that women are 'underrepresented' when it comes to receiving government contracts.... more
  • Pinterest Announces New Promoted Pin Types to Help Businesses Reach Customers
    Pinterest developed Promoted Pins which are making it easier for people to take the "next step" after they discover things on Pinterest. Promoted Pins drives users directly to the website allowing them to make a purchase on the spot.... more
  • LinkedIn's ProFinder Aims to Connect Small Businesses with Professional Freelance Services
    LinkedIn's network data makes ProFinder an attractive option for any business who is already using LinkedIn.... more
  • SBA Dedicates $18.8 Million to Small Business Trade Growth
    The SBA is dedicating millions of dollars to support small business trade growth with the money coming from the SBA's State Trade Expansion Program (STEP), and supports state-level investments in small business export programs.... more
  • Pinterest Gives Businesses New Ways to Reach People
    With the newly launched engagement targeting, businesses can target those who have shown interest in their brand by interacting with pins created by Pinterest users.... more
  • SBA to Honor National Veterans Small Business Week
    The U.S. Small Business Administration will honor veteran small business owners from around the country during National Veterans Small Business Week, which takes place from October 31, through November 4, 2016.... more
  • Small Business Technology Coalition Adds 11 Members
    The Small Business Technology Coalition plays a vital role in educating entrepreneurs on the range of resources and technology available to help them connect to customers, scale, and conduct business safely anywhere in the world.... more
  • Instagram Gives Businesses a New Way to Tell Their Stories
    Instagram Stories gives businesses a way to reach their customers and make sure followers see every post from their account.... more
  • Google/YouTube Have New Products That Make Video Ads More Accessible to Businesses
    Easily produce your own ads through YouTube Director suite on your phone. The app suite will walk you through the production and editing of your ads allowing any business owner with a smartphone to reach their target audience.... more
  • Twitter Analyzed 5,450 People Who Follow Small or Medium-Sized Business: Here's What They Found
    According to a Twitter analysis, research found that Twitter users are looking for businesses to support, and once they find these businesses, the users take actions that directly benefit the businesses. Moreover, they tend to be loyal customers.... more
  • Businesses Get New Tools From Instagram
    Expect to have a range of options available to your businesses social media marketing through Instagram. With an easy way for customers to obtain contact information, analysis on successful posts, using posts as more effective ads, and access to experts in marketing you can find your business taking... more
  • Small Business Administration Funds New Business Outreach Centers for Veterans
    The SBA is funding several VBOCs (Veterans Business Outreach Centers) which are responsible for supporting transitioning service members, veterans, Reservists and military spouses into self-employment and entrepreneurship.... more
  • Small Businesses Are Ill-Prepared for Cyber Attacks
    Small businesses are at risk and they're not taking the necessary steps to defend against cyber-attacks.... more
  • Survey Finds Over One-Third of Voters Are Buying Local More Frequently
    More people are beginning to buy locally realizing how much of the money spent stays within the local economy. Innovations by small business begin to show improving marketability and a benefit to local employment.... more
  • US Small Business Administration Partners with Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Others on Tools and Resources for Entrepreneurs
    The SBA partners with various companies to connect Entrepreneurs with customers.... more
  • Survey Finds Over 60 Percent of U.S. Small Businesses 'Discouraged' or 'Disgusted' with Government Leaders
    With the 2016 presidential election not too far away, a majority of small business owners do not see a bright future in a government that fails to represent their interests. They believe the government is not providing enough focus on small businesses considering they have been the largest job creat... more
  • Facebook Gave Small Businesses A New Video Storytelling Tool
    Your business has a story and Facebook offers a path for you to tell it. With an easy to use application you can upload pictures, video, audio and music to generate a video and post it on your page. Tell the story of your business or create miniature commercials, the possibilities are endless.... more
  • Federal Government Surpasses Contracting Goal for Women-Owned Small Businesses for First Time
    Women-owned small businesses have been marginalized in receiving contracts and capital, however the federal government has reached a new milestone. With the launch of ChallengeHER, women-owned small businesses have received about 5 percent of eligible capital. It is an encouraging step in the right ... more
  • Most Small Businesses Unsure About the Effectiveness of their Marketing
    As data collection technologies advance, we hope to find ourselves on the side of certainty when it comes to the effectiveness of our marketing strategies.... more
  • Small Business Confidence in U.S. is Lowest in Two Years
    Small business confidence in the U.S. is the lowest it has been in two years.... more
  • Small Business Administration Commits to Monthly Cybersecurity Reports
    The SBA is working diligently to upgrade their IT infrastructure and cybersecurity.... more
  • Study Looks at What Would Help Small Businesses Better Online
    A recent survey found that more than 40% of small-to-midsize businesses have a hard time competing with larger retailers for online sales.... more
  • Small Business Administration Office of Investment Innovation Gets New Leader
    There is a new name at the US Small Business Administration small business entrepreneurs need to know. Mark Walsh has assumed a post which will deal directly with small business growth issues. Here is his impressive resume.... more
  • U.S. Small Business Activity Up After Six Years of Decline
    In a first of its kind study, a new report indicates growth in the small business sector. Let's examine the findings to determine what they really mean.... more
  • Pinterest Gives Users a New Way to Discover Your Products
    When you think of Pinterest, start thinking of how it can really help visualize items your company has to offer, especially with the latest upgrades Pinterest has made. Let's take a look.... more
  • Government Program Trains Veterans In Small Business Ownership
    This government program helps veterans with a desire to build a business but have no background or experience doing it.... more
  • Facebook Starts to Verify Local Businesses
    Facebook has begun rolling out verified badges for local business pages.... more
  • Change Comes to Yahoo Small Business
    Soon, Yahoo Small Business will no longer be owned by Yahoo but will be rebranded under the new name, Luminate.... more
  • Small Businesses Get New Features for Their Facebook Pages
    At last, Facebook is following suit with other social media outlets to be more small business friendly and to help you find some paying customers.... more
  • U.S. Small Business Administration Honors National Women's Small Business Month
    The U.S. Small Business Administration is celebrating the contributions of women-owned businesses.... more
  • Twitter Encourages Businesses To Get Better at Customer Service
    People often turn to Twitter for their customer service questions and concerns.... more
  • Small Businesses Increasingly Pessimistic About Economy, Study Finds
    Small businesses are growing increasingly pessimistic about the future of the economy in the United States.... more
  • Businesses Aren't Doing Enough Branding When They're Starting Out
    Branding is a critical element of a successful business. You want people to recognize your business and associate it with good things.... more
  • Facebook Changes the Way It Charges Small Business For Ads
    Facebook announces some changes with regards to its ad advertising.... more
  • Report Finds Small Businesses Evenly Split On Raising Minimum Wage
    Small businesses are split down the middle when surveyed as to whether or not the minimum wage should be raised... more
  • Businesses Are Struggling to Meet Customer Needs on Social Media
    Social media is here to stay and is becoming a bigger focus of businesses daily. One area business needs to shore up is their online customer service.... more
  • Small Businesses Find Little Time To Enhance Their Online Marketing
    Small businesses are struggling to keep up with the fast pace world of online marketing simply because they just don't have enough time.... more
  • NFIB: Small Business Hiring Solid In April
    When it comes to hiring new workers, small business owners had a very active April.... more
  • Small Businesses Are After Marketing Automation Software
    Marketing automation software is showing up more and more on small business wish lists. What is it and why should you care. Here is why?... more
  • Twitter Makes Advertising Easier for Small Businesses
    Small business confidence is the greatest it's been since the Great Recession showing that our economy is on the rise.... more
  • Small Business Administration Launches Competition for Businesses to Help Women
    The SBA launched a competition called the "InnovateHER Business Challenge," and its focus is on marketable products and services that will help women and their families' lives.... more
  • SBA Partners with National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce on Business Diversity Initiative
    There are many positive results from a new partnership between the SBA and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Let’s examine some of them.... more
  • Your Customers Will Soon Be Able To Buy From You Right On Pinterest
    Pinterest is in the works to hopefully soon launch a "buy" button enabling users to purchase items without even leaving Pinterest.... more
  • SMB's Plan To Spend More On Online Marketing
    More small and midsize businesses are finally waking up to the fact that online presence is a major part of getting feet in the door.... more
  • Small Business Confidence Highest in Eight Years in U.S
    Small business confidence is the greatest it's been since the Great Recession showing that our economy is on the rise.... more
  • Amazon Gives Businesses The 'Make An Offer' Feature
    Amazon's new 'Make An Offer' feature allows some negotiations on prices of 'one of a kind' items.... more
  • Congress Sneaks Small Business Legislations Defense Bill
    Heads up small business! Congress slipped some small business legislation through by linking it to the National Desense Authorization Act.... more
  • White House Expands SupplierPay Initiative to Strengthen Small Businesses
    The SupplierPay initiative helps address the difficulties small businesses face in accessing affordable working capital.... more
  • Facebook Aims To Spread Awareness For Local Business With New Ads
    Local awareness ads are designed to help businesses reach the most people possible in a designated area.... more
  • Big Help for SMB's, 80 percent of Americans to Shop Local
    Small and medium-sized businesses should expect good things this holiday season, as consumers are looking to shop small.... more
  • Recent Google Update is Supposed to Help Small Business
    There should be a high level of quality control, and minimal complaints from readers regarding any updates.... more
  • Study Finds People Check Facebook before Shopping at Small Businesses
    SMBs will only face greater competition from national brands on their home turf means they have to invest more heavily in their own local marketing efforts.... more
  • Report Finds Affordable Care Act Regulations Reduce Small Business Pay At Least $22.6 Billion Annually
    According to some studies, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has increased insurance premiums and reduced employment by over 350,000 jobs nationwide.... more
  • Small Business Sentiment On The Rise In the U.S.
    The sentiment on Small Businesses are that things are, for the most part, headed in the right direction.... more
  • Study Finds People Check Facebook before Shopping at Small Businesses
    If you are a small business, you really need to be on Facebook if you are not already.... more
  • Facebook Aims To Make Advertising Better For Small Businesses
    Facebook has formed their Small and Medium Business Council focused on making Facebook work better for such businesses. We have the background for you.... more
  • Pinterest Creating New Opportunities for Businesses
    With recent dramatic user growth, Pinterest is now taking a hard look at opening new doors for small businesses.... more
  • Small Businesses Concerned With Clean Water Act Rule Expansion
    Who does not like clean water? Well, farmers, ranchers and many small businesses are now worried about the proposed expansion of the Clean Water Act. Here’s why.... more
  • Permanent Small Business Tax Break Wins House Approval
    A huge tax break for small business on equipment purchases has cleared the first of three hurdles to becoming a permanent part of the US tax code. We’ve got details for you.... more
  • Mobile Devices Save Small Businesses $67.5 Billion a Year
    U.S. Small businesses are saving $67.5 billion a year by using mobile apps, tablets, and smartphones.... more
  • U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Concerned About Small Business Retirement Plans
    More regulations in retirement planning seems to mean more risk for the small business owner.... more
  • Findings From The National Small Business Association's 2014 Small Business Taxation Survey
    The latest numbers show small businesses are spending a lot more to accountants just to keep up with the new federal tax code.... more
  • Businesses Now Need to Engage with Smaller Groups to Succeed on Facebook
    Businesses Now Need to Engage with Smaller Groups to Succeed on Facebook. We have some ideas how to accomplish that.... more
  • Women Business Owners Are Getting More Optimistic About Their Businesses
    If you are a woman thinking about starting up your own small business this year, there is some good news for you.... more
  • Facebook Gives Businesses a New Way to Keep An Eye On Competitors
    Facebook has introduced new tool called pages to watch and this tool may make things much better for businesses trying to get their message out over Facebook.... more
  • Tips for Businesses Using Linked In Recruiter
    LinkedIn Recruiter may be something to consider when you are looking for talent for your business. It comes in two tiers: Recruiter Lite and Recruiter Corporate... more
  • Study Finds Small Businesses Getting Better at Social Media
    Niche matters when it comes to social networks. Find the one where you and your business fit in best.... more
  • The Small Business Administration Soon To Have A New Head
    Her name is Maria Contreras-Sweet. The Mexican born businesswoman has created numerous businesses in California and has served in many capacities in the California government.... more
  • How Your Business Could Use The Hot New App Jelly from Twitter Co- Founder
    There’s a new app called Jelly which may turn out to be an excellent way for you to get the word out on what your company specializes in.... more
  • Highlights From NFIB Small Business Optimism Index
    The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) collects data on small business economic trends... more
  • Google May Have Unveiled Your Next Big Advertising Strategy
    +Post Ads utilize businesses’ Google+ presences and could turn out to be a major part of online advertising.... more
  • Can Twitter Be Effective For Small Businesses
    Twitter is one way for a small business to get its name out there.... more
  • IRS To Audit More Small Business Partnerships
    The Internal Revenue Service is going to be conducting more audits on those small business partnerships, as opposed to corporations, in the coming year.... more
  • Study Finds Small Business Retirement Plans Lackluster
    A major lack of options for small business employees could ultimately push them toward larger companies with better benefits.... more
  • Yahoo Small Business Launches New Commerce Central Offering
    Yahoo has acquired the ecommerce app “Lexity” which is known for helping small businesses strengthen their online presences with simple apps.... more
  • AT&T Urges Small Businesses Nationwide To Pledge Not To Text And Drive With School Donation Program
    AT&T is running a program, where small businesses can pledge not to ever text and drive, and raise money for schools in their communities.... more
  • Scammers Use 'ObamaCare' To Target Small Businesses
    Scammers are taking advantage of “ObamaCare” to target small businesses and those without insurance.... more
  • White House Lists Five Ways the Affordable Care Act Helps America’s Small Businesses
    Obamacare gives the small businesses as much purchasing clout as bigger businesses within the medical insurance arena.... more
  • Yelp Now Lets Users Review Businesses From Their Phones
    Yelp reviews can make or break businesses, and now customers have the power to immediately share their thoughts about your business before they even walk out the door.... more
  • The State of Women Owned Business
    New data shows minority-owned businesses, especially those owned by women, are the clear leaders in the growth of small business.... more
  • Business Owners Healthier Than Others, But Not As Likely To Be Insured
    Research tells us small businesspeople are healthier than the rest of Americans. However, only 25% even carry health insurance.... more
  • Marketplace Fairness Act Places New Burdens on Small Businesses
    The Marketplace Fairness Act, and why internet and small brick and mortar shops see it so differently.... more
  • Facebook Hashtags Mean Big Things for Businesses
    Why Facebook is new Hashtag option can mean a big boost for a small business.... more
  • Study Finds Small Businesses Focused On Growth
    A study from Dell and Intel finds that U.S. small business optimism is an increased focus on growth among the nation’s small businesses.... more
  • The Latest On Marketplace Fairness Act (Online Sales Tax Bill)
    The online sales tax bill, the Marketplace Fairness Act, was passed in the Senate earlier this month.... more
  • LinkedIn Making It Easier For Businesses To Find and Hire New Job Candidates
    LinkedIn Recruiter has been helping employers find suitable employees since it launched. Now, LinkedIn has given the Recruiter homepage a complete overhaul with new hiring tools.... more
  • Foursquare Aims To Make It Easier For People To Find Your Business
    Learn about Foursquare and how it can help your business be found.... more
  • Facebook's New News Feed Features Benefit Businesses
    Facebook recently unveiled some new changes to the News Feed, which is essentially the backbone of the Facebook user experience.... more
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