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Archive of Financial Articles

Archive of Financial Articles
  • Business Owners Need to Select the Best Financial Advisors
    Financial security takes a lot of time, planning and knowledge. As a business owner, having a great financial advisor is important, especially when planning for retirement.... more
  • The Planning Business Owners Must do Before Selling Their Business
    It is always a great accomplishment when growing a successful business. The trick is learning how to preserve your success. Working with trusted advisors and lots of thought, you can get together a proper. Wealth management plan.... more
  • What Are You Going To Do in Retirement?
    Some business owners believe they will work forever. When you are this passionate about your business, it can be hard to imagine living life without it. Having a passion for something when you go into retirement can make the transition a lot smoother.... more
  • Retirement Plan Options for the Self-Employed
    When you are self-employed, retirement plans can seem daunting. However, it is very important you set one up and follow through. Starting as young as possible is the best solution.... more
  • Accepting Credit Cards? 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Merchant...
    As a small business you need to accept credit cards in order to compete with the big businesses. Choosing a merchant service provider can become overwhelming. Knowing what to ask and to look for when doing so is important.... more
  • Financial Planning for Business Owners
    Your financial future should mean something to you. Owning a business should not mean it takes away from building a stable future. Meeting with a financial planner and putting together a promising plan with strategies to keep you on track is important.... more
  • Business vs. Personal Credit Report – What’s the Difference?
    Even though the purposes are similar, there is a difference between business and personal credit reports. Understanding the difference and how they’re used is important.... more
  • Will You Be Financially Ready When You Want to Stop Working?
    Even if you want to work forever, at some point it will come to an end. You want to be financially prepared for that day and it will take years and years of planning and budgeting!... more
  • Estate Planning for Business Owners Under 40
    It is very important to continue building your business and accumulating assets. Business owners often push aside estate planning until they are older in age. This can be a risky idea, you want to start planning as young as you can. You don’t just want a successful business, you want a success... more
  • Are You Growing or Scaling Your Business? What’s the Difference and...
    Knowing the difference between growing and scaling your business is critical. Working on a strategic level will give your business the advance it needs to stand out for the rest.... more
  • Why Your Small Business Needs a Business Credit Card
    All small businesses should have a business credit card, separate from their personal finances. It can be tricky to get one in the beginning, but that shouldn’t stop your from having a plan to separate personal with business.... more
  • Should New Business Owners Leave their 401(K) Plan Behind?
    Making any decisions regarding your retirement plan, needs a lot of attention and thought. Reviewing all of your options and variables will help guide you in the right direction.... more
  • Rules to Follow When Borrowing Money For Your Business
    With small business lending starting back up again, the financial crisis is coming to an end. There’s no better time than now to learn the new rules for borrowing money for your business. The biggest tip is to be prepared and ready to make decisions.... more
  • Business Lines of Credit as a Cash Flow Solution
    With the economy roaring back, you may be unsure of your cash flow. Opening a business line of credit may be a very smart move as a small business owner. By doing so, you have a financial back up plan.... more
  • How to Get Approved for a Business Loan
    At some point, most businesses need financing. Now would be your best bet to get approved and lower your overall financing costs. There are many types of business loans and with careful review, you can find yours today!... more
  • Retirement Planning Mistake: Investing Too Conservatively
    Saving for your retirement can be intimidating and stressful. With previous stock market crashes, it can make the stock market seem very daunting. Instead of fearing it, you should learn how to embrace it. Learning how to harness a risk the right way will make saving for your retirement a lot less s... more
  • Ways to Limit Your Fiduciary Liability as a Plan Sponsor
    If you offer a qualified retirement plan, you automatically become the plan’s fiduciary. With so many moving parts, things are bound to go wrong at some point. Learning about ways to limit your fiduciary liabilities, will be a huge asset.... more
  • Building Business Credit
    Once your business starts growing, you are going to need more capital. Staying one step ahead, building your credit before you are going to need it.... more
  • Why Business Owners Should Never Stop Learning as They Get Older
    In order to find true happiness, we need to reach total fulfillment. We, as individuals need to realize no matter how much information we know, there is always room for more. The more we learn, the more talents and skills we will uncover.... more
  • Why It's Important to Know Your Business's Debt Capacity
    Knowing your business's debt capacity is important if you want to be ready for the next opportunity. Meeting with a bank specialist will give you the advantage of knowing how to calculate your debt capacity at all times.... more
  • Retirement Planning Mistakes - Not Proactively Planning for Taxes
    Develop an income strategy that can effectively minimize your taxes and stretch your assets further into your retirement future.... more
  • Is Your Business Credit Report Different than Your Personal Credit Report
    Building a strong business credit history is essential if you want to gain access to capital when its needed, while limiting your personal liability.... more
  • What is the Role of a Financial Planner?
    A financial planner is there to help you meet your personal financial objectives.... more
  • Protect Your Business and Your Family with a Business Continuation Plan
    As a business owner, a business continuation plan should be put in place. By having this setup, your company can continue on how you might have envisioned it even after you are deceased.... more
  • Business Owners Can Leave a Lasting Legacy with an Inherited IRA
    As a business owner, considering IRAs should be something you do. The amazing thing about IRAs is that after death you can pass them down to a spouse or child. By doing so, you can make a lasting legacy, if done right.... more
  • Retirement Plan Options to Get Business Owners on Track
    Having a retirement plan is crucial in this day and age. As a business owner, learning all of the options and choosing the right plan is important for your future.... more
  • Outsource or Hire? 5 Questions Business Owners Should Ask Themselves
    A business becomes successful when they are able to make the right moves at the right time. Whether your business is small or large, making the move to employ outsourcing can become a huge growth strategy for your company.... more
  • How Small Business Loans Can Advance Your Marketing Plan
    An early stage of your business plan is having a marketing plan as well. So many things go into it, like financial sources, lenders and business line-of-credit. Learn how to get the most out of small business loans.... more
  • Why Business Owners Can Not Measure Their Own Risk Tolerance
    Better get another opinion. Trying to assess your own risk tolerance is like trying to assessing your own health. Emotions can skew your true assessment.... more
  • Using a QLAC to Stretch Your RMDs and Protect Against Longevity
    Retirement planning can be tricky. Check with a retirement specialist to see if a QLAC is right for you.... more
  • For Broader Diversification, Consider Global Stocks
    Broader may be better! Diversify your portfolio by adding some Global Stocks to the mix... more
  • Business Owners: How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits
    Know how to maximize your Social Security benefits. Fizzling out too early can cost you thousands.... more
  • Should You Pay Your Mortgage Off Before Retirement?
    There is no straightforward answer when it comes to retirement and your mortgage. Every person’s situation is unique in its own way.... more
  • Which Type of Investment Service is Best for Business Owners?
    There are three types of investment management services when it comes to your business. Researching and learning all you can about each will make it easier to choose which one is best for you.... more
  • Business Owners Should Not Overlook Disability Income Insurance
    The risk of an average worker being unable to work do to a disability is four times greater than the risk of dying before 65. With that in mind, a business owner should have disability income insurance.... more
  • Is Your Umbrella Liability Policy Leaving Your Assets Exposed?
    Deciding between standard umbrella policies vs. specialized umbrella policies is an important thing to read up. Figuring out which one will work best and not leave any assets exposed is crucial.... more
  • Tips for Growing Your Business in 2018
    Running a business can be challenging. Being able to expand and watch your business grow can be a struggle. However, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you through it.... more
  • Growing Your Small Business: How to Manage Risk
    As your business grows, so does your risk. Your risk management plan needs to be reviewed often so it can be updated as needed.... more
  • Best Retirement Plan Options for Maximizing Tax Advantages
    There are options when it comes to retirement plans. Learning which ones are best for you is something that should be researched and chosen carefully.... more
  • Business Owner Strategies for Capital Preservation in Turbulent Times
    While it is impossible to always know the direction the market is going to take, any directional change in the market is likely to be accompanied by volatility.... more
  • Asset Protection: 5 Things You Probably Haven't Considered
    A common problem is creditors coming after business owners who have acquired a lot of personal assets. Learning some things to better protect your assets is in your best interest.... more
  • Tax Bill Spells Relief for Small Business Owners
    As of January 1, 2018, a new tax bill will be in effect. Whether you own a small business or are an individual, it is very important to fully understand the changes and how it will affect you or your business.... more
  • Using Insurance for Optimum Tax Diversification of Your Retirement Income
    When structured properly, a cash value life insurance policy can provide a lifetime of tax-free income.... more
  • The State of Your Estate: Estate Planning for Business Owners
    you should have an estate plan specifically designed for a business owner.... more
  • Creating a Pension Using a Fixed Indexed Annuity
    For risk-adverse retirees who value peace-of-mind, an FIA can be the ultimate pension replacement solution they’re looking for.... more
  • 10 Things You Absolutely Must Do When Starting a Business
    A vision is not all it takes to open your own business but it is a start. There are 10 must do’s when you start to make your vision a reality.... more
  • Tax Help: How to Choose a CPA
    Selecting the right CPA is critical for business owners. A good CPA will help your business stay informed of changing tax laws and new financial opportunities.... more
  • Security Essentials for Keeping Business Records Safe Online
    As the world continues to move toward a paperless existence, cybersecurity has become a primary concern for businesses entrusting their data to the Internet cloud.... more
  • Banking Essentials for Small Businesses
    Establishing a good relationship with a bank before the need for financing arises is your best option.... more
  • Selling the Business: How to Transition from Hands-On Business Owner to...
    Business owners need to have a plan in place for the inevitable transition from owner to hands-off investor.... more
  • You Can't Do It All: Why a Bookkeeper is Critical to...
    As a business owner it is important to recognize that you cannot do it all. Getting a bookkeeper before you are in desperate need of one is critical.... more
  • Funding Options for Boot Strap Entrepreneurs
    Taking the entrepreneurial plunge will require funding. Knowing where and what to look for, your possibilities are endless when it comes to funding.... more
  • Business Owner Investment Mistakes: Investing too Conservatively
    The trick is in knowing what your financial objective is and having a strategy that is tailored to your specific needs.... more
  • Business Owners' Personal and Family Security Risks
    the more wealth we accumulate, the higher the risk of cyber and physical attacks upon you and your family. Here are some ways to protect yourself.... more
  • Knowing When to Sell Your Business
    It is a big decision to sell a business, not to mention very personal. Knowing when it's time to start considering it is important.... more
  • 5 Tips for Boosting Your Entrepreneurial Confidence
    Having entrepreneurial confidence is important. Learning ways to boost your confidence will make you more successful.... more
  • Keeping Your Sanity: 5 Ways to Build a Business Support Network
    If you feel that your progress has slowed and you find yourself doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, get to work building your business support network.... more
  • Ways to Increase Flexibility through Varied Commercial Loan Solutions
    There are many choices when it comes to business financing. Familiarizing yourself with all of them will help you narrow down your choices.... more
  • Smart Investing for Business Owners
    Having the right long-term investment strategy is key to a successful portfolio.... more
  • Executive Compensation Provides Financial Incentive Small Businesses Need
    By offering structured incentive plans a smaller business might be able to keep a key person in place and motivate them to a higher level of performance.... more
  • How Business Owners Should Work with an Estate Planner
    With all the confusion about estate laws, as a business owner it is highly advised that you work with an estate planner to save you time and money.... more
  • 5 Things Financially Successful Business Owners Do Differently
    The decisions we make will dictate our financial future. Our actions, or inactions, set the stage for what we set ourselves up for. Is it greatness, or failure? The choice is yours.... more
  • How Your Lender Can Help Build Your Business and Increase Cash...
    If your business needs an infusion of capital in order to meet your operating or expansion needs, you may be able to obtain financing through a local lender.... more
  • Keeping Harmony in the Family Business
    The key to creating boundaries in a family business is to use a collaborative approach that involves all family members based on blending the goals of the business with the needs and interests of the family.... more
  • The Importance of Retirement Income Tax Diversification
    When saving for retirement always be aware of what the tax consequences will be down the road when it is time to tap into it. Familiarize yourself with the tax diversification laws in regards to your choice of retirement plans.... more
  • The Biggest Investment Mistakes Business Owners Make
    Without a clear strategy and the discipline and patience to follow it, most investors are prone to very costly mistakes. Investors who adhere to a plan with clearly defined objectives and a tailored investment strategy outperform those who do not... more
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