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1. Google and HTC Enter Into $1.1 Billion Dollar Arrangement to Take on Apple’s iPhone (09/22/2017)
It looks like Google is bent on diversifying its businesses as it moves further into hardware. In fact, its latest billion dollar deal suggests the company is determined to stake its claim in the smartphone market which inevitably puts it on the warpath with Apple’s iPhone.

2. AWS Will Soon Switch to Per-Second Billing for Cloud Services (09/21/2017)
Amazon is determined to maintain its lead over rivals in the cloud computing arena. Lately, the company’s cloud computing division Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that it will be introducing a new pricing scheme by October and plans to charge clients by the second, a move seen to be financially favorable for its cloud customers.

3. Over 100 Cities Compete to Host Amazon’s Second Headquarters (09/20/2017)
In what is being touted as the “Olympics of the corporate world,” Amazon has set off a ferocious bidding war among North American cities to host the online retailer’s second headquarters.

4. What Retail Must Do to Compete With eCommerce (09/19/2017)
The number of eCommerce businesses has doubled in the past five years. The rise of the industry has admittedly caused less foot traffic and some brick and mortar businesses to suffer closure.

5. 5 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Facebook Advertising Budget (And How to Fix Them) (09/18/2017)
There’s no denying that Facebook ads can be a potent marketing tool when done correctly. The social media giant offers numerous options for reaching a wide range of consumers and marketers are taking notice.

6. Here’s What the New iPhone X Can Do! (09/15/2017)
On Tuesday, Apple hosted its first-ever event at the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. The company unveiled several new products at the event which included 4K Apple TV and the Apple Watch Series 3 which comes with a cellular connection.

7. Voice Commerce Grows in Importance for eCommerce Businesses (09/14/2017)
There was some skepticism over the idea that voice commerce would be the future of retail. This wasn’t surprising, given the limitations that AIs like Cortana and Siri exhibited.

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