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Small Business News

1. Shopify Merging eCommerce and Retail (04/21/2017)
“Retail is not the same. Shopify is enabling merchants to do everything, from anywhere.

2. Facebook’s F8 Conference (04/20/2017)
At this year’s Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference in San Jose California, the company announced their short and long term plans. The announcements ranged from updates to existing offerings in the short term and long term plans bordering on science fiction.

3. IBM Giving Artificial Intelligence To Marketers (04/19/2017)
IBM has announced new cognitive capabilities for IBM Watson Marketing Insights, IBM’s cloud-based marketing and customer analytics platform that uses the Watson’s artificial intelligence computer system to better examine and predict customer behavior..

4. Searches for Blogs on Google Getting Rich Update (04/18/2017)
Google has a new look for blog searches. Searches for blogs now return carousels and rich lists of popular blogs.

5. Study Finds Pre-Roll To Be Most Preferred of Video Ad (04/17/2017)
The results of a scientific media trial by YuMe examining the impact and value of pre-roll, mid-roll, outstream and social video across multiple screens, including mobile and PC, found that pre-roll is distinctly the most preferred video ad formats Compared to mid-roll and outstream, pre-roll is considered the least interruptive across devices, with only 17% … 6. Facebook Winning Star Wars Over SnapChat (04/14/2017)
Yes, the headline is campy, but there is no denying the battle for supremacy and which side has gained the upper hand. On the very day (April 13th) that Facebook’s Instagram Stories announced over 200 million daily users, shares of rival SnapChat dropped 1.

7. Google Image Search Launches Similar Items Feature (04/13/2017)
Google recently launched “Similar Items,” a rich product feature for Google Image Search. The new feature enables users to browse and shop inspirational fashion photography and find product information about items they’re interested in.

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